Kitchen Improvements

How To Keep Your Kitchen Clean And Organized

For many people, the kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s here that children do their homework, parents pay bills and of course, the food is prepared for the household.It’s only natural that this room must be kept as clean as possible.

Cleaning your kitchen when the drugs kick in.

But how is that done when it’s such a busy room?

The Following is advice I picked up from the fitters over at Kitchens Manchester By following these simple steps you can keep your kitchen clean and organized.

a) Start by doing the dishes each night after dinner. Wipe down the counters and appliances and sweep the floor. These steps should become so routine that you don’t even think about them, you just do them.

As you prepare meals, be sure to take advantage of the cooking time by washing up anything that was used to prepare the meal, setting the table and so on.

Learn to tidy up as you go so that you won’t have to do everything at once. This can help to keep the kitchen clean as well as organized. Set some hot soapy water in the sink and have everyone put their dishes in the hot soapy water after eating. In this fashion, you’ll be able to just quickly whisk the dishes with a dishcloth and rinse them before having someone dry them and put them away.

b) Keep counters clear of clutter and wipe them down with a disinfectant frequently. Counters are often used for food prep and for homework or bill paying so be sure that you wipe them down in between tasks. You can keep a good spray disinfectant on hand to do this with and a dry towel or paper towel.

Put things away as they are used and have a place for everything so that you can keep things neat and well organized at all times. Put groceries away after going shopping so that your kitchen will always be neat and tidy.


c) Organize your pantry so that you can see everything that you have in it easily. Use baskets and clear containers so that you can readily see what you have before you begin meal preparations.

If you need more shelf space, consider going up and utilizing the space between appliances and counters. Add pull out shelving or drawers or cupboards as needed. These can be customized and will greatly help in keeping things in their place.

d) If there is room, consider adding a small desk in the kitchen area for the bill paying and homework station. Many kids are doing homework while mom or dad is preparing dinner and this will help keep mom or dad from having to go out of the room to answer questions that may arise.

Keep in mind that the more efficiently the kitchen is designed and organized, the easier it’s going to be to keep it clean and tidy. Sometimes, you just have to remove everything and start over to have it fully organized and functional when you’re preparing meals. Consider adding shelves underneath of the sink to help reduce clutter.